This test cannot be used for the purpose of confirming non-infectivity for trips abroad or to end the quarantine after returning from abroad!

An RT-PCR test is required for this purpose.

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If you want to know more, read on frequently asked questions about coronavirus and its testing.

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Testing kit is able to detect the presence of IgM and IgG antibodies from capillary blood. Thanks to being able to detect these 2 types of basic antibodies, we can find out whether you had the disease. This test is not intended for acute cases within 14 days of infection. Antibody levels may be undetectable in this period. The examination will take place at your home or in the GP's office in Prague 8 or Prague 15. The result will be available in 15 miutes after taking the blood sample.

If you are in danger of your life, call 112. This test is not for emergency situations.

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Váš praktik Praha 15:
Milánská 414, 109 00 Praha 15
Váš praktik Praha 8 (Dočasně nedostupné):
Šimůnkova 1596/4, 182 00 Praha 8

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