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RT-PCR test for COVID-19 with a medical report and a result within 48 hours

This package contains:

  • RT-PCR examination with result within 48 hours of collection
  • Medical report with the result of the examination

In case of questions or problems with the order, you can contact our advice line at any time 00 420 771 156 107
This is not a free preventive PCR test, but a self-payer PCR test that is performed only for a fee. If you are interested in a free PCR test twice a month with a result within 48 hours, please order it via our website www.nazadanku.cz, where we offer this examination.
Do you want results within 24 hours after the collection?
Express RT-PCR examination on COVID-19 with a medical report and a result within 24 hours

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800,- Kč

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