SARS-CoV-2 is a new type of coronavirus, which began to spread in December 2019 from Wu-han, China. It causes an infectious disease called COVID-19. The virus is able to propagate from human to human and spreads through air droplets during coughing, sneezing or body contact.

The new type of coronavirus is spreading fast . The infection is also accompanied by high mortality.

Signs of coronavirus infection

The disease can be symptomless or just like a common cold. However, it can also be severe or even fatal. The most common signs of infection are fever (88%), dry cough (68%), shortness of breath (18%), fatigue, sore throat, migraine and muscle aches (14%). Less common symptoms are chills (11%), nausea and vomitus (5%) or diarrhea (4%). Rhinitis is an unusual sign.

The incubation period of the infection lasts on average 5-6 days , but in some cases can take up to fourteen days .

Ordering a test

Yes, you must order for testing. You can do it easily via the Examinations offer.

We increase capacity according to current demand. We have free slots every day.

Yes, please email us at or contact us at 00 420 771 156 107, we will be happy to change your date.

Payment is possible in advance by card online or Benefity. It is possible to pay on the spot by card, cash, or using Benefity or Edenred.

No, only one person can be booked for each date.

Invoice payment is possible when testing a larger number of people, for example, testing for companies (50+ tests).


We currently only perform the RT-PCR test, which is currently the most reliable method for diagnosing COVID-19.

The PCR method (polymerase chain reaction) is able to detect the genetic information of the virus in a sample. It is therefore independent on the body's response to the virus and can detect SARS-CoV-2 with high accuracy. It is also the right method for non-infectivity confirmation when traveling abroad or returning from abroad, right now.

Slightly less pleasant but the more secure method of collection is through the nose: the wire is bent by the tube to an angle of 120° (be careful not to touch the wire with anything other than the inside of the tube), insert deep into the nose (at least 4 cm), using slight pressure wipe the back wall of the nasopharynx.

The second option is through the mouth: the wire is bent by the tube to an angle of 90°, lead it through the mouth beyond the tonsils, wiping the back wall of the nasopharynx (directly opposite you behind the tonsils), so that the entire brush touched just rear walls. When taking the sample, it is important to avoid the tongue and other mucous membranes on the sides.

We are not currently taking saliva samples. Testing for Covid-19 from saliva does not yet have the necessary certification. If so, we will consider using this type of test in our collection centers.

At the time of collection, both the request and the collection documentation are marked with the same bar code, so there can be no confusion.

DRIVE-IN testing means that the collection will be done directly from your car.

Ordering on time and smooth running of our collection centers ensures you don't have to wait in line.

The collection center in Horní Měcholupy is located between Ravennská and Milánská streets. The collection center is fenced by green mesh and is located in the two orange building cells. The entrance is from both sides of the fence.

Swabs only through the oral or nasal cavity can be done after consultation with a doctor at the collection site, in case of health problems and in children.

Yes, children can only be collected by mouth, but you must first be arranged with the doctor who takes the samples on collection site.

Yes, our RT-PCR tests will detect all types of Covid-19 virus mutations.


You will get the result of the test within 2, 24 or 48 hours after the collection, depending on the examination variant you have chosen.

You will receive the result via SMS and email. With regard to the protection of personal data, we send the results by e-mail in an encrypted file, where your birth number will serve as your password.

If you experience symptoms of the disease, contact your GP. If you are asymptomatic, be careful and continue to follow state hygiene guidelines.

In case of a negative result, you will receive a travel certificate for variants with an evaluation within 2 and 24 hours. The 48-hour evaluation variant does not include a travel certificate.

You will receive a certificate for the RT-PCR test in both Czech and English for international use.

We only issue travel certificates based on the test result from our collection center.

Yes, we'll be happy to confirm the form you need for travel to that country.


The decision to end quarantine is made by the hygiene station or your general practitioner, so please contact the person who ordered the quarantine. Thank you.