Discover the benefits of the Vyšetři.mě project


Our team of healthcare professionals, especially general practitioners, has been working daily for several years, to provide basic care for its patients. The current situation around coronavirus outbreak raises a number of questions, therefore we have decided to create this project. We would like to help not only our current patients but also other people feeling in risk of the disease, who want to know more about their immunity against coronavirus or want to end their quarantine without being dangerous to their family and friends. We currently offer testing for antibodies and the test of coronavirus presence using RT-PCR.

The goal of the project is to bring up effective solutions for those of you without proper help. We are thinking mainly about the persons in home treatment, quarantine or in fear of cotracting the disease. The main impulse for the whole work were the events of the last days, where our offices were overwhelmed with questions and phone calls for appropriate treatment, the possibility of ending quarantine, fear of re-infection. Our tests will help us make the right diagnostic decisions without endangering your loved ones

The decision to end quarantine can be made on the basis of a negative antibody test. On the contrary, with a positive antibody test, we can reassure patients that the probability of re-infection in the coming months is almost zero. We believe that better information about your health condition and especially about the abilities of your immune system will help us to effectively fight the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, since May 2020, we have been providing RT-PCR testing, which is the main method for confirmation of non-infectivity needed for travelling from/to the Czech Republic. Of course, you also get a negative test certificate issued by a doctor in case of negative test.

Thanks to a quality examination, we will be able to provide effective treatment, thank you for your support.


Our project is supported by companies that believe the future of healthcare is online.